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Unveiling Malaysia: 10 Interesting Facts You Need to Know!

Thanks to its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning natural landscapes, Malaysia is hailed as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, especially among Singaporeans. 

A country that offers sunshine, seashores, and scenic views, Malaysia also has many interesting facts. Read on to discover more about these intriguing facts and uncover the stories and pride that have sculpted Malaysia into the remarkable destination it is today. 

1.It is home to a world-class budget airline 

(Source: Air Asia)

Travelling around Southeast Asia gets a whole lot cheaper, thanks to AirAsia, the go-to budget airline based in Kuala Lumpur. Their bold red-and-white planes zip you to over 20 Asian countries, from hotspots like Thailand and Bali to as far as India and Australia—all for less than SGD$100 round-trip in many cases.

AirAsia isn't just any budget airline; it's an award-winning one! They snag the coveted Skytrax award for Best Low-Cost Airline year after year, showing they're all about quality service. But here's the deal: AirAsia operates on a strict budget. 

Be ready for extra fees for checked bags, snacks, and picking your seat early. And get this: boarding often means strolling across the tarmac and printing your boarding pass at the counter. Yep, that'll cost you extra too. But hey, for those bargain fares, it's all part of the adventure, right?

2. A typical sentence may have 4 words from different languages on it 

(Source: ExpatGo)

Imagine a country where conversations flow seamlessly, with words from different languages blending together like a colorful linguistic tapestry. That's Malaysia! 

With its diverse population, the nation is a melting pot of cultures and a hub of languages. English takes the lead as the lingua franca, but there's something uniquely Malaysian about Manglish, a vibrant local dialect that mixes in bits of Tamil, Malay, Chinese, and more.

 Have you ever heard the classic phrase, 'Wei macha, do you want makan here or tapau?' It's a delightful example of Malaysia's linguistic flair, where every word tells a story of cultural fusion and connection.

3. The world’s best badminton player is Malaysian 

(Source: BWF)

Meet Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's badminton superstar who has dominated the court for over a decade! Ranked No. 1 by the Badminton World Federation, Lee held onto that top spot for an incredible 199 consecutive weeks from 2008 to 2012. His legendary career saw him clinch silver medals in the last three Olympic Games, engaging in unforgettable battles with his fierce rival, Lin Dan of China, in what has become one of badminton's greatest rivalries.

Lee's retirement in 2019 marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring athletes worldwide. 

While soccer might take the spotlight in Malaysia, badminton reigns supreme, with Malaysian players securing a remarkable eight out of the country's 11 Olympic medals.

4. The Conjuring’s director James Wan is also Malaysian-born

(Source: The Irish Times)

Born in Kuching in the Bornean state of Sarawak, James Wan a Malaysian-born filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter, is celebrated for his mastery in the horror genre. 

He's the creative genius behind iconic franchises like The Conjuring, Saw, and Insidious. Widely recognized as one of the most innovative filmmakers of our time, he's not confined to horror, having directed superhero blockbusters like Aquaman and the adrenaline-pumping Furious 7, both smashing the billion-dollar mark.

Wan is at the helm of his own production company, Atomic Monster Productions, and is currently engrossed in various projects, including the latest Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, Insidious, and Saw X. 

5. One of the world’s food capitals is Malaysia 

(Source: Mira Gas)

As food enthusiasts, one of our favorite facts about Malaysia is its vibrant street food scene. From laksa to roti canai and the beloved national dish, nasi lemak, hawker stalls across the country offer a tantalizing array of freshly prepared delights.

Penang particularly shines as a street food paradise, blending Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian influences into culinary masterpieces. What sets Penang apart is its legacy of street food vendors, many of whom are second or third-generation, ensuring unparalleled expertise in their craft.

Unlike the modern streets of Kuala Lumpur, historic George Town in Penang retains its authentic street food charm, making it a haven for foodies. 

6. Shoe designer Jimmy Choo and Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh were also born in Malaysia.

(Source: Malaysia Life)

One of Malaysia's most famous celebrities is Jimmy Choo, known worldwide for his iconic shoe designs. Born in Penang to a family of shoemakers, Choo's influence is felt globally, even inspiring street art in his hometown. 

He was bestowed the prestigious title of Dato', akin to knighthood in the UK, for his contributions to fashion. 

Another Malaysian luminary is Michelle Yeoh, a beloved Hollywood actress originally from Ipoh. Renowned for her roles in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "Tomorrow Never Dies," Yeoh's impact transcends borders. Her stellar career earned her the esteemed title of Dato' in 2001, a testament to her achievements.

7. Home to the world’s tallest twin towers 

Here's a cool fact about Malaysia: It's home to the world's second tallest building, the Merdeka 118. Also known as the Merdeka PNB 118, the iconic building stands as a monumental achievement in architectural and engineering prowess, holding the title of the second tallest building in the world as of its completion. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this towering skyscraper reaches an impressive height of 678.9 meters (2,227 feet), surpassed only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

8. The stinkiest fruit in the world grows in Malaysia.

Embark on a fruity adventure in Malaysia with the infamous durian, dubbed "The King of the Fruits!" Loved or loathed, this tropical treat is a hot topic across Asia.

Why the hype? Well, it's not your average fruit—it's a sensory explosion! From its potent aroma to its bold flavor, durian makes a lasting impression. In Malaysia, it's serious business, with varieties like D24 and Musang King. But here's the catch: Durian isn't just for snacking; it's a culinary chameleon! Picture creamy durian ice cream and decadent durian cheesecake.

Full disclosure: Durian isn't for everyone. Its unique aroma and flavor can be an acquired taste. But whether you're a durian devotee or a curious explorer, one thing's for sure: This fruit promises an unforgettable journey through Malaysia's culinary scene!

9. The largest flower in the world also grows in Malaysia.

(Source: The Star

Get ready for a floral spectacle in Borneo's Kinabalu National Park! Meet the Rafflesia, a giant flower with blooms stretching up to a whopping 1 meter in diameter! But here's the twist: This flower plays it cool as a parasite, mooching off other plants for its nutrients. Crafty, huh? 

Now, brace yourself for the surprise: Despite its beauty, this botanical wonder emits an odour that's a bit... funky. Picture the scent of decaying meat! But hey, it's all part of nature's grand plan to attract pollinators. 

So, if you're up for a unique adventure, don't miss out on encountering the fascinating Rafflesia. It's a floral experience like no other!

10. The highest peak in Malaysia is a sacred treasure. 

Discover Mount Kinabalu, the towering pinnacle that reigns as the highest peak in Borneo, the Malay Archipelago, and Malaysia. Beyond its impressive stature, this UNESCO World Heritage Site holds sacred significance for the Kadazan Dusun people of Sabah.

Legend has it that souls linger atop its summit, awaiting their journey to the afterlife. Yet, recent incidents of disrespect have sparked debate and reflection on cultural sensitivity. 

As we embark on treks up Mount Kinabalu, let's do so with mindful steps, respecting the traditions and beliefs that enrich this awe-inspiring landscape.

Got more intriguing facts about Malaysia to share? We're all ears! 

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