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Melaka is located on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, along the historic Straits of Malacca, boasting a total area of 1,650 square kilometres. With its establishment dating back to 1403, it has been a significant trading post throughout Malaysia's early history, attracting traders from all over the world, and contributing to the region's rich cultural diversity. 

Today, Melaka is home to the UNESCO World Heritage City, which offers an immersive experience into the old-world charm of the historic buildings and architecture inherited from centuries of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. Visitors are invited to witness the various customs and cultures of the local people, from their vibrant festivals to their unique cuisine. The city is known for its rich history, and there are many historical landmarks to explore, such as the A'Famosa Fort, the Stadthuys, and the Christ Church. In addition to the historical sites, there are many other attractions to enjoy, including theme parks, fruit farms, animal and nature parks, resorts, and homestays. Melaka's surrounding areas offer a range of activities for visitors, from exploring the local flora and fauna to experiencing the region's natural beauty.


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