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Perlis, located in the northern part of Malaysia, serves as the gateway to the country from Thailand in the north and Kedah in the south. Despite being the smallest state in the peninsular region, covering just 810 sq km, Perlis has a lot to offer. The state is known for its vast countryside, which boasts expansive paddy plains, serene lakes, and limestone outcrops that are spread out among quaint villages. Perlis is blessed with natural beauty, including the country’s only semi-deciduous forest and a plethora of fascinating caves.

One of the major highlights of Perlis is its fruit farms and plantations that produce some of the most delicious and exotic fruits like mangoes and paddy, which thrive in the fertile soil of Perlis. Kangar, the state capital, offers a laid-back pace of life and is an ideal place to relax and unwind. 

Perlis is a unique destination, and visitors can experience the charm of the northern gem and immerse themselves in vast nature and local culture.


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