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26 - 28 April 2024 Marina Square


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A place like no other

Tasik Cermin Ipoh is named one of the 'geoparks' by the Perak state government of Malaysia. Tasik Cermin Ipoh is nestled in the south of Ipoh, near the IPOH-KL highway. It is situated in Gunung Rapat, under one of the limestone hills along the many hills linked in Gunung Rapat. Tasik Cermin Ipoh is a unique nature getaway with 2 lakes in the area, where Tasik Cermin 1 Mirror Lake is a doline lake that could be accessed through a 90-meter tunnel by the leg. The other lake is Tasik Cermin 2 Hidden World where you will need to enter by boat through a 120 meter-long sub-merged water tunnel.

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